Who Wants to Play?

We believe thought leaders, organization leaders, employees need to leave their podiums, desks, and labs to collaborate. Together they need to break their internal silos, create great cultures, and invent new business models, not only to survive but to thrive in this new era of digital and social business. We believe organizations need to look for inspiration beyond their crumbling barriers to create new markets, customers, and advocates. Inspiration and innovation for change will come by collaborating, but not only with those in your domain, but across domains, departments, industries, and even values.

Here we are with an Open Toy Box, and we’re asking, “who wants to play?”

Our Toys (aka Products)


Values are not black and white but are there for us to judge and share our unique perspective. Our purpose at upValues is to discover, discuss and share the best stories of organizations that live their values. We want you to share your perspective and discover and share the perspectives of others. If we are successful, we’ll help lift the best orgs and help to guide the ones that are failing. Help us by becoming an upValuator.

Culture Peers

We’re making it easier to discover and share the elements of a great culture. It’s time for a transformation! Culture Peers empowers people (sometimes called leaders, employees, or job seekers 😉 ) with insights to align their organizations with the values of the social era and connect them with the people that can help at the pace of the digital era.


We’ve been building Diialog with our partners to help them deliver their leading culture transformation process. The Diialog Culture Measurement & Management System makes it easier than ever before to measure and manage your organization’s culture. Diialog, next-generation organizational performance measurement system, uses a safe, secure and highly engaging social media platform upon which to define your organization’s preferred culture, as well as your present culture, sub-cultures and counter-cultures.


Bring us your ideas. We love to collaborate so contact me at greg@opentoybox.com